Who Is TheSoul Publishing? The Positive Content Company At Center Of The Creator Universe With Over 2 Billion Social Followers And A Team Spread Across 71 Countries

TheSoul Publishing
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TheSoul Publishing, a digital studio creating uplifting content for worldwide audiences, has built an audience of 2 billion followers across multiple platforms. The company’s Vice President of Business Development, Patrik Wilkens, credits this rapid growth to identifying emerging trends using a diverse global workforce spanning 71 countries.

Originally an advertising-focused informational website, TheSoul Publishing’s shift to producing positive media content has been successful. Wilkens cites their ability to produce and distribute high-quality content at scale as a key factor. With popular brands like 5-Minute Crafts available in 21 languages and the virtual influencer Polar, their focus on upbeat content clearly connects — driving 330 billion total views last year, a 31% annual increase.

A Positive, Uplifting Mission

At the core of TheSoul Publishing’s success lies a steadfast commitment to creating positive, uplifting content that resonates with audiences worldwide. The company has built an ecosystem that enables it to produce and distribute high-quality content at scale, a feat that Wilkens attributes to execution as one of the company’s superpowers. “At the heart is positive, uplifting content for as many people as possible all over the world,” Wilkens states. “That really is what drives us forward.”

TheSoul Publishing’s portfolio boasts a diverse array of intellectual properties (IPs), including the wildly popular 5-Minute Crafts, which has amassed hundreds of millions of followers across 21 languages. The company has also ventured into the realm of virtual influencers, with Polar, a virtual artist who has garnered a significant following over the past two years.

“We’ve really built an ecosystem that helps us to create awesome, positive, uplifting content and at scale,” Wilkens explains. “We’ve over the years built amazing IPs with hundreds of millions of followers, all over the world.”

This commitment to positivity and uplifting content has resonated with audiences globally, as evidenced by the company’s impressive 330 billion views last year, a 31% increase from the previous year. As Wilkens notes, “It’s incredibly rewarding and obviously helps the entire ecosystem.”

Mastering the Creator Economy Juggernaut

As the creator economy continues to evolve, TheSoul Publishing has positioned itself as a key player, offering a suite of services tailored to brands, creators, and partners alike. From licensing deals and direct-to-consumer (DTC) products to brand partnerships and creative services, the company has diversified its offerings to cater to the ever-changing landscape.

“Now, we’ve also opened up our expertise, our skill set, our services, and some of our products to brands and also to creators,” Wilkens elaborates.

TheSoul Publishing’s commitment to supporting creators extends beyond its own platforms. Through its recent acquisition of Underscore Talent, a Los Angeles-based team with extensive experience and a vast network of content creators, the company aims to empower creators by offering editing, localization, and growth services across multiple platforms. “We help them with editing, with localization, we help them to grow on the platforms. We help them to go to new platforms,” Wilkens explains, underscoring the company’s dedication to fostering the creator economy.

This multifaceted approach has yielded impressive results, with TheSoul Publishing collaborating with renowned brands such as Mattel, Sony, and Crayola. In the case of Crayola, the company leveraged its expertise to significantly boost the brand’s social media presence, delivering a 40-fold increase in views and a 30-fold increase in watch time compared to the previous year. “We’ve managed to take this amazing IP […] and on social media, where they didn’t have the footprint, we enabled them to match the social media footprint together with the footprint that they have in the real world,” Wilkens remarks, underscoring the company’s ability to bridge the digital and physical realms.

Wilkens emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to content creation and distribution, stating, “You need to be available everywhere because your fans are everywhere.”

Boldly Venturing into Content’s Future Frontier

As TheSoul Publishing continues to forge ahead, Wilkens envisions a future where the company’s reach extends far beyond social media, with a presence on platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Spotify, and Amazon Prime. The licensing business is also poised for growth, with aspirations to expand beyond the company’s current footprint in over 2,400 Walmart locations across North America, with plans to add more products and licensing partners..

Reflecting on the company’s numerous accolades and recognitions, Wilkens says; “We are really honored to get those awards, it really validates the hard work and it gives us kind of the extra five, ten, 25% of energy to push through on the end of the day or through a project,” he says.

With a global workforce of nearly 2,000 employees spanning 71 countries, TheSoul Publishing’s success is a testament to its ability to harness diverse perspectives and cultures, ultimately fueling the creation of universally appealing content. As the creator economy continues to evolve, TheSoul Publishing stands poised to not only adapt but also shape the industry’s trajectory, solidifying its position as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of digital media and content creation.

“I’m incredibly excited about the 3 billion followers,” Wilkens declares. “So we have a lot already. And we’re certainly not going to take the foot off the gas and try to produce awesome content for more and more people and then hopefully they’ll appreciate it and like it and watch it.”

Wilkens remains optimistic, recognizing the opportunities presented by emerging technologies and trends, such as artificial intelligence and e-commerce. “E-commerce seems to be up and coming,” Wilkens observes. “I mean, obviously TikTok and YouTube keep investing in the space. TheSoul Publishing stands poised to not only adapt but also to shape the industry’s trajectory, solidifying its position as a leading force to be reckoned with in the realm of digital media and content creation.”

With an unwavering commitment to innovation, a finger on the pulse of emerging trends, and a steadfast dedication to creating positive, uplifting content, TheSoul Publishing is well-positioned to conquer the creator economy, one captivating story at a time.

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