TheSoul Publishing’s Most-Loved Channels Debut on Olympusat’s FreeTV Streaming Service

TheSoul Publishing
3 min readMay 4, 2023

Olympusat LLC’s free on-demand service, FreeTV has joined forces with TheSoul Publishing to bring audiences an enhanced entertainment experience like no other.

With the arrival of TheSoul Publishing’s globally popular channels featuring world renowned brands such as Bright Side, Slick Slime Sam, 5-Minute Crafts®, TeenVee, La La Life, 123 GO!, and the Spanish-language channel Genial, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

These Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels are available on FreeTV’s network across the United States.

Discover FreeTV: Olympusat’s Ad-Supported Streaming Platform

FreeTV, Olympusat’s ad-supported AVOD streaming platform, offers a treasure trove of premium content from across the globe.

With availability on all streaming platforms across 17 regions in Latin America and the United States, FreeTV caters to every device — smartphones, tablets, desktops, streaming platforms, and CTV. In fact, FreeTV is even accessible as a broadcast station in Mexico City!

Amanda Miller, Chief Revenue Officer at Olympusat, shared her excitement: “We are excited to showcase TheSoul Publishing’s most recognized brands in the world to our FreeTV audience. As we continue to grow our platform, FreeTV is committed to delivering world-class content by teaming with global content leaders like TheSoul Publishing, who will help us expand the entertainment options for our millions of users.”

Experience the Magic of TheSoul Publishing’s Unique Content

TheSoul Publishing has earned its reputation as the world’s leading digital studio through its varied, engaging, and uplifting content that resonates with audiences across the globe. Its creative team, which stretches across 70 countries and six continents, brings together a kaleidoscope of cultures, ideas, and perspectives.

By showcasing distinctive brands in 21 languages, TheSoul Publishing has built a loyal fan base of more than 1.5 billion followers on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

From heartwarming stories and life-improvement hacks to creative projects and the latest trends, TheSoul Publishing creates content that inspires, educates, and entertains. This unique blend of qualities has set the foundation for its massive global success, including launching FAST channels on Samsung TV Plus and, now, its collaboration with FreeTV.

Jonathan Shrank, Head of Content Distribution at TheSoul Publishing, added: “We’re thrilled to partner with the FreeTV streaming service, as it provides a fantastic platform for our vibrant channels, such as Bright Side, Slick Slime Sam, 5-Minute Crafts®, TeenVee, La La Life, 123GO! and Genial, to captivate additional audiences across the United States. We are excited to enhance our viewers’ entertainment options by making our engaging, multilingual content available on this fast-growing and versatile platform.”

Embark on a World of Entertainment with TheSoul’s Channels on FreeTV

Get ready to dive into TheSoul’s most popular brands now on FreeTV:

  • Bright Side — Spark your curiosity with captivating videos on travel, exploration, self-improvement, gadgets, riddles, and pop culture.
  • Slick Slime Sam — Laugh and learn with this hilarious pink slime and its creative DIY projects and life hacks.
  • 5-Minute Crafts® — Join the world’s most-watched DIY brand, boasting over 400 million social media subscribers.
  • TeenVee — Experience the ultimate animated channel, combining the popular Teen-Z and Avocado Couple with over two billion YouTube views last year.
  • La La Life — Unleash your teen spirit, creativity, and fun with La La Life’s vibrant content.
  • 123 GO! — Stay updated on everything trending with 123 GO!’s entertaining and positive videos.
  • Genial — Enjoy the immensely popular Spanish-language version of Bright Side.

Explore TheSoul’s Most Popular Brands on FreeTV

Viewers can expect an unparalleled entertainment experience. Discover the channels that have captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide, now available on FreeTV’s network suite in the United States.

Whether you’re in the mood for DIY projects, animated adventures, or the latest trends, there’s something for everyone.



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