Kidoodle.TV Adds Family Content From the World’s Top Digital Content Creator: TheSoul Publishing

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3 min readDec 5, 2022

The free streaming service will bring the studio’s popular shows to a wider audience.Starting this month, you can find TheSoul Publishing’s most-watched channels on Kidoodle.TV® in both English and Spanish. The streaming service will begin airing 150, 22-minute episodes from three of TheSoul’s top brands.

This is TheSoul’s first collaboration with a platform aimed squarely at children, and it will bring digital-first series, like 5-Minute Crafts, Baby Zoo and Slick Slime Sam, to a whole new audience.

Working with a streaming service like Kidoodle.TV® is an exciting step forward for TheSoul Publishing as it allows us to directly reach more people with our engaging and entertaining content, especially our wildly popular kid-friendly programming.

Which TheSoul Publishing Channels are Available on Kidoodle.TV®?

Kidoodle.TV is expanding its line-up of educational videos to include the very best of our family-friendly content.

Content from these three channels will be coming to the platform:

5-Minute Crafts®

With more than 400 million followers on social media, this DIY digital brand is the most popular in the world. 5-Minute Crafts is recognized all over the globe for its upbeat, entertaining, and unique DIY projects. All of us can find something in these videos that will spark our imagination.

As the Chief Content Officer at Kidoodle.TV®, Brenda Bisner says, it’s a “co-viewing favorite!”

Slick Slime Sam

Never come across a talking slime before? Well, meet Slick Slime Sam! He’s funny, he’s pink, his YouTube channel gets over 500 million views a month on average, and his videos are available in 17 languages. He shows kids how to make cool crafts, do interesting DIYs, and cook fun food.

Baby Zoo

Here’s a riddle for you — What connects a cat, a hedgehog, a koala, and a rhino?

The answer: Baby Zoo’s musical videos, which bring to life friendship, happy songs, and stories that teach, entertain, and encourage our young viewers’ exploration of the world. This animated brand for kids is growing quickly and is watched for hundreds of millions of minutes every month on YouTube thanks to its joy-filled content that brings smiles to the entire family.

What is Kidoodle.TV®?

Kidoodle.TV is a premiere streaming service devoted to providing safe, engaging, and inspiring experiences for children and is available by downloading the Kidoodle.TV app from the App Store, Google Play, the Roku Channel Store, and via Amazon Fire TV.

The service is available in more than 160 countries and territories and encourages families to spend quality time together while watching digital content. The kidSAFE+® COPPA Seal Programme has verified that Kidoodle.TV meets their stringent safety and privacy guidelines for children.

Why is TheSoul Partnering with Kidoodle.TV®?

While TheSoul has previously struck deals with streaming services such as Roku, this is the company’s first partnership with a service aimed predominantly at children under the age of 12.

As Michael Boccacino, TheSoul’s Senior Director of Content Partnerships, said in an interview with Kidscreen, “There is a growing market for media projects that have their origins in social media. As a company, we recognize the importance of being where our audience is, and as the number of households with connected TVs grows, it only makes sense to broaden our presence beyond social media.”

Michael added, “As part of our current strategy, we are already putting out universally accessible content in 20 different languages. This partnership with Kidoodle.TV® is an extension of this aim to bring appropriate content to all ages. Overall, TheSoul’s goal is to stand out from the crowd as a brand that caters to children, so the company has been expanding into more areas of content creation.”

As TheSoul continues to grow and broaden its reach to new platforms and younger audiences, we will continue to adapt our strategy to findings like these to ensure we are delivering the content that audiences both want and need.



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