Gaming Meets Edutainment: The Bright Side of Interactive Learning

TheSoul Publishing
2 min readJun 19, 2023
TheSoul Publishing partners with Qubic Games

When Two Digital Worlds Collide

Continually innovating and pushing boundaries, TheSoul Publishing is venturing into a new digital frontier. In an exciting alliance with QubicGames, a leading European video game developer and publisher, we’re fusing the worlds of content creation and gaming to provide a unique blend of education and entertainment through our inspiring, creative, and entertaining Bright Side channel!

Breathing Life into Content Through Gameplay

The collaborative synergy between TheSoul Publishing and QubicGames is set to create two captivating quiz games, inspired by our popular Bright Side channel. This collaboration symbolizes an important step in our mission to inspire curiosity and spread positivity across a variety of new platforms.

The Bright Side of Gaming

A Glimpse into the Future and what it means to our audience;

  • Expanding the Canvas for Creative Content: Drawing on the rich catalog of Bright Side’s videos, our content creators’ enlightening facts and trivia become the launchpad for an interactive gaming journey.
  • Community Gaming Experience: The games encourage communal learning, providing a local multiplayer mode for a friendly contest of knowledge amongst up to four friends.
  • Never-Ending Journey of Learning: Every game presents a fresh opportunity to expand the player’s general knowledge, reinforcing the insights gained from Bright Side’s diverse content.
  • Beyond Gaming: We’re taking edutainment a step further, allowing players to access more captivating Bright Side content directly within the game.

Embracing the Future

We’re initiating this innovative journey on the Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation consoles and the PC gaming platform, Steam, but the horizon is even wider. Plans are already underway to bring the games to other platforms, including mobile devices (iOS and Android). This will enable more players worldwide to engage with this unique edutainment experience, truly fulfilling our commitment to spreading positivity and knowledge.

Your Invitation to the Next Stage of Edutainment

As we embark on this extraordinary venture, merging content creation and gaming, we invite you to join us. With the upcoming launch of the Bright Side quiz games on the Nintendo Switch, the journey to the thrilling realm of interactive knowledge and entertainment begins.

Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to be part of this innovative edutainment revolution!



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